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This section gives a series of articles on different aspects of CAT preparation that we have compiled over time. Many of these are useful, but reading this is not a substitute for CAT preparation. Use this to plan your preparation but remember that these are tools to guide you, and these become relevant only when you have put in the hours on doing the grind. The greatest of strategies gives you less value than a few hours of actual preparation.

  • Some of these articles can give you fresh insights into how you view your CAT Preparation. They can be quite fun to read too!

    Get, Set, Go!

    This is an extract from an article that appeared in the Hindu, written by Rajesh Balasubramanian, the original article can be seen here.
    What should be the plan of action? With the Olympic spirit in mind, let us think of this preparation as a parallel to an athlete preparing for the Olympics. Divide your preparation into three phases...

    Get CAT Savvy

    This is another extract from an article,from the Hindu, written by Rajesh. The original article can be read here.
    Everyone gets nervous before a key exam. I took my fifth CAT last year, 11 years after my first CAT and 9 years after finishing my MBA from IIM Bangalore. And, I was nervous. You are not alone in having that vague anxious feeling.

    Is it ok to start preparation in June?

    The short answer is Yes.
    The syllabus covered for CAT is very straightforward. The maths syllabus is equivalent to what is seen in 6th to 10th standard textbooks, and for English, basic reading ability is the most important factor.

  • CAT Quant Preparation Plan

    Three Step Plan for Quant Preparation

    1. Learn theory from first principles
    2. Do the 'grind'
    3. Move on to tougher ideas by revisiting theory, and repeat.

    Common Traps to Avoid in the Quant Section

    This article has been written by Vimal Gopinath, Director, 2IIM Bengaluru. Outlines common traps wonderfully well.

    CAT Verbal Preparation Plan

    How to Crack the Verbal Section in CAT?

    Students have always, and will always struggle with preparing for Verbal Ability. This section isn’t so neatly classified into some thirty topics that you need to learn the theory for and practice to get faster...

    Schedule for CAT Preparation

    How should you Plan your Time when you Prepare

    his post outlines 2IIM's recommended schedule or timeline, that can help one plan and track their progress in their CAT prep journey. We've given an overall outline and a plan for someone who does not as yet know his/her strengths and weaknesses.

  • Mock CAT and Test-Taking Strategies

    For videos on Mock CAT Preparation, information on 2IIM's Mock CAT Series, and a free Mock CAT in the new pattern, visit mockcat.2iim.com.

    Do's and Dont's when Taking Mock CATs

    The easy ones first:

    1. Make sure you take plenty of them, and
    2. Take them as seriously as possible. Mimic exam settings well.

    On to the others:

    How to Select the Right Questions?

    Knowing how to traverse through a paper is an important skill-set in the CAT. This is particularly true of the computer-based version, as in the paper-based versions one has to luxury of choosing the order of the sections, sub-sections etc while attempting a paper. Let us look at a few aspects in this post.

    Mock CAT Questions: EOK, GOK and NYK

    This is hands down our favourite article on this page... A fun look at some vague questions that you might encounter in mock CATs. Read on to find out why we like it so much!

  • Some Miscellaneous Reading

    Under what circumstances is it a good idea to quit your job and prepare for CAT?

    This is one of those essay topics that can ideally feature in competitions seeking ultra-short contributions. The one-word response would be, ‘None’! However, having told my boss that I definitely want to comment on this topic, I cannot get away with the ultra-short version. So, here goes.

    What should you make right this CAT, compared to your last one?

    This piece is from Shivaram, who joined IIM-A in 2013. After two laid-back go's at the exam, he got it right in 2012. He had worked with 2IIM for a year before joining IIM-A.

    Diversity or Merit

    Are there not even 500 good girls who can get into the IIMs. How anti-women are you if you say that girls should not be given a boost?

    Top B Schools and Other Related Questions

    A broad, highly subjective look at B-schools in India

    What after CAT?

    This is an article focusing on the GD/PI sections that featured in The Hindu
    Post CAT, candidates will go through a second round of testing, the most important component of which is the dreaded personal interview. Now is a good time to revisit some aspects of the interview, with particular stress on the key mistakes.

    Attention CAT Aspirants from IITs!

    A slightly different plan for a typical IIT-ian.For IIT-ians it is probably a better idea to NOT enroll into a course 15-months before CAT. Till 2000 (the year I took CAT), preparation for CAT used to start at the beginning of the 7th semester, roughly 4 months before CAT (back then CAT used to be held in Dec). Then the CAT training industry happened and preparation cycles expanded ..

    Believe in yourself...

    An article to draw inspiration and motivation from; written by Naveenan Ramachandran, our student who graduated from IIM A.