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Why 2IIM's CAT Study Material ?


2IIM's fundamental philosophy behind a well-rounded preparation is to have strong fundamentals. Rajesh Balasubramanian, the Director at 2IIM, has prepared all the content in the material from the basics. With a focus on communicating the key ideas in any topic, 2IIM's Study Material gives numerous solved examples and plenty of practice questions to reinforce the fundamentals.


We update our study material to reflect the changing demands of the latest editions of the CAT. The same cannot be said about other rival providers. An outdated material presents several problems - One, by perpetuating question patterns like syllogisms, which have not been seen in the CAT for a long time. Two - Other providers don't make a distinction between CAT Level Questions, and normal practice questions.


Between 2IIM's Question Bank, Study Material and Mock CAT Series, we can assure you that you won't need any other book for preparing for the CAT. Well with a Study material having 900+ questions, coupled with 10 mocks and a Free Question Bank containing questions that runs into high thousands, do you need more? So all you need to do is just hang in there and travel with the flow.


With the attention we pay to the course structure, communicating fundamentals and explanations, we believe 2IIM offers the best Study Material for the CAT. Our practice materials are structured in a step-by-step manner. So, we worry about the relevance and position of each question that goes into our books. Before you know it we can make you imbibe the content without much sweat.

Course Contents

To understand how the Study Material covers the syllabus, take a look at the information below. These are the ten books that are included in the CAT Study Material:

I. Quant Refresher I
This book is a great place to start off on CAT Preparation. In fact, 2IIM recommends starting CAT Preparation with the Quants Section. The book builds several basic ideas that are key to move on to advanced topics. Topics include:
1. Simple Linear Equations
2. Quadratic Equations
3. Percentages
4. Profit and Loss
5. Averages
6. Mixtures and Alligation
7. Ratios, Proportions and Variations
8. Speed, Time and Distance
9. Races
10. Pipes and Cisters; Work and Time
11. Simple and Compound Interest
12. Shortcuts in Computation

II. Quant Refresher II
Once you master basic ideas and get used to problem solving, Quant Refresher II pushes you to the next level, with harder topics. Topics include:
1. Number Theory
2. Inequalities
3. Functions
4. Logarathims and Exponents
5. Progressions
6. Binomial Theorem
7. Permuatation and Combination
8. Probability
9. Set Theory
10. Calendar
11. Clocks
12. Stocks and Shares

III. Quant Refresher III
Quant Refresher III covers all topics that are related to the very important domain of Geometry. It starts from the utter basics, like defining lines and angles, and moves on to mensuration and coordinate geometry. Topics Include:
1. Geometry
2. Mensuration
3. Coordinate Geometry
4. Trignometry

IV. Speed Tests
This book provides exercises on all topics covered in Quants, and are specially designed to help the student pick up the pace in handling questions. There is no substitute for practice!

V. Book of Formulae
This book is a quick reference to all the important formulae that are relevant for the CAT. Sometimes, recognising a prime number can make the difference between solving a question in 90 seconds or 5 minutes. The book is a good guide to familiarising the student with such time saving measures.

VI. Sentence Rearrangement
Paragraph Logic Questions have now come to account for more than 10 questions in the Verbal Section of the CAT. Para Jumbles, or Sentence Rearrangement Questions are a particular CAT favourite, and are a key to understanding all Paragraph Logic Questions. With more than 15 exercises and hundreds of questions, this book is a one stop solution for a signficant question pattern in the CAT. As always, every question that we provide will come with a solution.

VII. Reading Comprehension
Reading has become the single most important factor that will determine your CAT Percentile. Why do we say this? Ever since CAT 2014, the CAT has become interested in evaluating a candidate's reading ability. Not only is one-sixth of the CAT directly based on Reading Comprehension (with 16 questions from this pattern), almost all the questions in the Verbal Section are designed with the purpose of assessing how much attention a candidate pays to what he is reading, keeping an eye on detail and so on. This book helps you take your first steps to becoming a better reader, but we have to warn you! Nothing can substitute a good reading habit...

VIII. Sentence Correction
Though the CAT has made grammar easier to handle, it remains important to get in sufficient practice. This book starts from basic ideas in English Grammar, and provides plenty of questions on commonly tested grammatical errors, like Subject-Verb Agreement, Pronoun Reference Errors, Idiomatic Errors, Parallel Construction Errors etc.

IX. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
The book provides exercises on different types of charts that are tested in DI from the Quants Section. Questions on bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, tables, etc. provide good practice and help you familiarise yourself with these question patterns. Logical Reasoning covers grid puzzles, arrangement puzles etc. Between the Question Bank, the Mock CATs and the Study Material, there's very little surprises that the CAT can throw at you!

If you have any problems with your preparation, you can reach out to us at any time. We take doubt-clearing very seriously, and will go to great extents to make sure you understand the concepts, including shooting videos.

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