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Adwait Deshpande CAT 2015 : 99.66
VA-RC: 99.1, DI-LR: 98.34, QA: 98.93

I would like to thank the entire team of 2IIM for helping me crack the CAT. I chose to enroll for an online class for CAT preparations since my work required a lot of travel in and around Mumbai, and it wasn't possible for me to attend classroom coaching classes. I googled for online CAT classes and stumbled upon 2IIM. I went through the free lectures posted on their website and really liked how the lessons were taught and how the subject matter was organized. I signed up for the service immediately.

This was one of the better decisions I've made in my life.

I had no idea what the CAT exam was about, and as this was my first attempt, I saw Mr. Rajesh's videos on YouTube which gave me pointers and a direction to follow.

After that I just listened to his lectures and gave a mock test every week, and the rest is history. I was mediocre student all throughout my life, with bleak prospects for the future, but irrespective of what happens next, I am now confident of my own abilities and optimistic about what lies ahead, thanks to this wonderful CAT score!

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Tejaswi Priyadarshi CAT 2015 : 99.3
VA-RC: 99.71, DI-LR: 98.8, QA: 93.45

I saw the name 2IIM among the many names that flashed on my computer screen when I googled "Online coaching classes for CAT", at a juncture when there were only 3-4 months left for CAT 2015. What I needed was a thorough revision of my basics coupled with CAT relevant practice and I ended up zeroing in on 2IIM. At present, I'm glad that I did because I got what I needed- an hour everyday without the hassle of travelling for hours (Bangalore traffic is horrible).

Crisp video lectures, excellent practice material and moral/subjective support- I got all these from Rajesh and Bharath, even at wee hours! I can vouch for 2IIM and would definitely recommend it to people who are hell bent on taking the CAT- with dedication.

Thanks guys!

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At 2IIM, Rajesh and team's main focus is on basics. We at 2IIM start with simple concepts and problems and then take it to next level step by step. Teaching philosophy over here is very simple - Prepare the student for what’s going to come in the exam (CAT, XAT, NMAT etc.) unlike other institutes where everyone is around phantom difficulty level questions which as the CAT revealed is absolutely irrelevant. Although all the teachers at 2IIM are brilliant in their area, I was particularly impressed by Mr.Rajesh. It’s no secret that his teaching abilities are unmatched but for me his other quality in the way he motivates students is exceptional. I personally have called him many times at times when I was feeling low or when I thought that I couldn't do it. Each time he told me what CAT really was and what people made it to appear. As a serial CAT topper, you would expect him to talk of high level concepts and quick techniques but it’s just the opposite, he follows a simple, detailed and calm approach. 2IIM’s online product is just a brilliant option because it just feels like one on one class with Rajesh.

From solved questions to detailed concepts everything is covered in online version of the product. For someone who is unable to attend classes regularly that is just a life saver. Having taken mocks from 3 other vendors, I can proudly say that even 2IIM mocks were the one closest to Actual CAT.

Finally, after studying at 2IIM I can confidently say that no one in the business knows CAT (or for that matter XAT,NMAT) better than them.

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I am Mukund, working in an MNC. 5 years into IT industry, when everybody were vying for onsite opportunities, I was gazing out on possibilities for seeking after a regular MBA. So CAT was the right approach to attain it. But I had my own doubts.

1. “I have worries that my level of English is not up to CAT. So will I be able to compete with others?” Expert’s opinion was: CAT essentially tests your comprehension aptitude. If one is good at communicating his/her thoughts effectively, with a little adaptation of few tactics, one unquestionably has a good chance.

2. As I am a working executive, i can't put extra hours like a fresh Graduate. Is that a disadvantage? Expert’s opinion was: Spending 2-3 hours a day will be sufficient enough to crack the exam.

When Rajesh was at the helm, as students, our job was just to follow him sincerely and nothing else was required. Faculty members treated each question with equal respect even if it looked silly. 2IIM materials are exceptionally useful during the last phase of planning as they drive through the essentials and discuss various structures of ideas. They firmly advised students to take as many mock CAT's as possible enabling the students to figure out how to manage the time, assess where they stand, decide on which question to choose and which one to leave and so on. So 2IIM tries its best to show that CAT is not hard, given a genuine attempt to crack it. Why not make best use of it then?

Many thanks to you 2IIM for guiding me and instilling the confidence which I required the most. In this whole learning process I eventually reinvented myself. Much obliged once more.

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Manogj Sundaresan

I still enjoy the nostalgia of my CAT preparations two years ago. I was in Chennai and had joined weekend classes in 2IIM. Even though my CAT score was good enough to join one of the top 10 b-schools, I opted for a job change to Gurgaon. It took me two years to realize that I still have a desire to crack CAT and pursue my PGDM in a premium b-school. Unfortunately, I was out of Chennai to join classes again. Since I was in touch with Mr. Rajesh Balasubramaniam, Director of 2IIM, I asked his guidance. He suggested me two options, either buy books or join online classes. He is such a genuine person that he explained the true pros & cons of both options. My first reaction to online classes was…. “Really….? Is it possible…? Online CAT course…?” Literally, I asked him more than 100 questions since I couldn’t believe that CAT course is online. I protested a lot with “I don’t have a fast data connection… I cannot view long videos… Buffering time would be so high… What if I had doubts…?” He smiled and challenged me. He offered me few free online classes. If I didn’t like it, he said that I can get the books from him anytime…

So started my online course. I had a slow start owing to my reluctance for an online class. But when I took a mock test on few topics I studied, I realized that if I hadn’t been hesitant, I would have cracked all questions. The online course is structured in such a way that it doesn’t miss even a bit and piece of that topic. Honestly, I was surprised when 2IIM’s magic touch of intuitive way to approach problems was also a part of online course. In nightmare topics such as geometry, it is generally mandatory to memorize numerous formulae. But in 2IIM, they teach it differently. I haven’t memorized any formula in geometry but I am confident enough to solve even tougher questions in practically less than a minute. That is the power of intuitive approach to problems taught by 2IIM. Particularly in online classes, I find it so interesting that Mr Rajesh derives every related formula in a two minute video. Even if I have any query on the approach, I post it in discussion tab and they would be answered ASAP.

I should accept that I was a defaulter to classroom teaching, two years back. I had missed so many classes that left me to catch up a lot of stuff by attending classes in other centres and batches. But in online class, forget it. I just try to carve out 3-4 hours per day other than my office time. I love this flexibility that I can spend even 8 hours or nothing per day for my preparations. Even better is that I don’t have to buzz through traffic to reach the centre and try to concentrate in class. Online Course is modularised so much that it is the best way to prepare for CAT.

You know what, I didn’t even request for books to Mr. Rajesh after that ;). Now, I feel that my decision to go for an online class is correct. 2IIM has delivered a complete CAT online course that evolves every day. Overall, for the cost I paid the value I get is umpteen times. I hope that every person who reads this article would join me to crack CAT this year with backing from 2IIM and its online course.

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I never would have known Maths was so simple, intuitive and delightful before being coached by Rajesh

Amit Agarwal 98.21 in CAT '15

Being a kid from a below average college, top colleges that consider CAT scores as their major selection criterion don't treat you kindly if you score anything below 99. But to ace such a tough exam is no child's play though and it requires a relentless effort which most students can't commit to. The top most reason of this being the unmotivating faculty which is insensitive to the needs of an average student. So, in regard to this, 2IIM scores a perfect 10.

I never would have known Maths was so simple, intuitive and delightful before being coached by Rajesh sir whose way of teaching is so inspiring that I never lost confidence in myself. His methods of teaching make me desperately wish I had someone like him in my 9th or 10 grade who could instill the skills needed to tackle whatever is thrown at you and could remove the fear & ingrain a sense of love for numbers. I sincerely hope if any of you girls/guys want to score well and develop an insight into what CAT is all about, pick 2IIM. Apart from the obvious benefits, be it saving time commuting or studying at your own pace or a quick and precise feedback, as described by my counterparts, I am sure you would find your own when you pick 2IIM.

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All you need to bell the CAT and make to your ‘dream’ college is your smart work and 2IIM's Online CAT coaching.

Himanshi Taneja XYZ Inc.

Being a working professional and unable to clear the last two attempts of CAT, I searched for the online course material where I could study at my own convenience, not have to worry about going to coaching classes after the hectic office hours. After a thorough search for the best practice material available online for CAT aspirants, I found 2IIM to best among all of them as it contains the comprehensive study material for all four subjects, topic tests and the mock tests.

Before enrolling into the course, I had watched its sample videos and found them to be really good, each and every topic was explained in detail. The best part I liked about the videos is when the mentor Mr. Rajesh Balasubramanian (also, 2IIM’s Director), asks us to hit the pause button and solve the question on our own, before going through the video and that’s where the difference lies between the online coaching and classroom coaching because we really can’t ask the teacher in classroom coaching to stop for a while, because we haven’t understood a concept.

The videos provided for each and every topic is short but detailed and provide easy calculation techniques which also enabled me to understand the concepts better, followed by numerous practice questions and tests in form of Checkpoints and PrepEdge. Also, in online coaching, one has an option to go through any concept ‘n’ number of times that too at one’s own convenience.

All the best.

Guruprasad Kulkarni

I found 2IIM course for CAT preparation very much promising. I opted online coaching mainly for the reason to maintain the study momentum, since I am a working professional. The video lectures and the hard copy materials I received, I must say is the best thing one can get for CAT preparation.

The coaching from experts is the best part of the course. I feel, I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to get trained from 2IIM. The mentors have really put their best foot forward to pour their knowledge in this course. I strongly recommend this coaching to all the CAT aspirants out there. All the best.

Ron Babu John

I have got offers for PGDM from all the six new IIMs. I scored 98.94 percentile in CAT 2012. I am planning to join IIM Ranchi and major in Finance and Marketing. Hope everything turns out good. I would like to thank you and your team for the support without which I wouldn't have made it. I think what helped me the most was your strategy of approaching the preparation as well as the exam. Thanks again!

Arun V.S

I really thank you very much for the personal follow up and attention which you have shown towards resolving my issue and yes my course duration was extended and I am in love again learning for CAT through your videos. Typing below the testimonial which I am committed to give to your good work.

2IIM's Online CAT is the way to go for any working professional / College student as we are already in a very tight schedule. Being a software professional my first attempt at CAT went in vain as I was very much worn out mentally and physically by the time I reached the classroom (thanks to tons of work pressure and Chennai's traffic). I almost lost hope and wondered if I could ever complete my preparation but things completely changed when I subscribed for 2IIM's Online CAT coaching as it provided me complete flexibility on the place and time which I could allot for preparation. There was no need to rush up from work or skip classes due to work. It was the best decision that I ever made on online services.

I realized straight away that 2IIM's Online CAT coaching is not just a bunch of scanned study material when I saw 2IIM's Director, Mr. Rajesh Balasubramian himself teaching all the four modules of CAT via excellently designed study materials, practice questions and videos(Mr. Rajesh Balasubramian is the person who has scored 100th percentile in CAT 2011, CAT 2012 and CAT 2014). Another major advantage of choosing the online coaching was that I was able to review any of the lessons any number of times which just can't happen in classroom. With all that being said there is nothing more to be discussed or doubted about 2IIM's Online CAT coaching. It is the best CAT coaching avialable in Chennai & also the best online coaching for CAT in the country.

2IIM's Online CAT coaching and hard work is all you need to "tame the CAT."

All the best!

Soumya Admit to IIM-Bangalore

I, Soumya, was a part of the weekend crash course at your 2IIM program in Anna Nagar. I have scored 98.67 Overall, with Quant - 97.34 and Verbal - 97.49. As of now I have received a call from B and the first shortlist at K.

I must be honest that it is the 2IIM program that really propelled my score from the first lazy attempt. I made during college, where I had scored somewhere in the high 60's, to the present 98.67. The small batch sizes, work sheets, and the test series have worked in the best way for me.

Though I am yet to convert these calls, I would like to convey my appreciation to your team and their efforts, that has helped me come this far

My best wishes to Ascent & 2IIM.

Customer Reviews
Bharathwaj Admit to NITIE

Rajesh Balasubramanian will make your spirits soar with a 2 minute interaction. Rajesh pays individual attention to every student that he remembers every single student, their background, their plans etc. He also continually monitors student's progress and helps us get in to the right mode to study.

Way too many times when I just don't feel like preparing and I get exhausted I had gone to him just to listen to him give a pep talk. Two minutes and you're back on track with a bang. That's the exuberance with which Rajesh works. He's very passionate about what he does. And it shows.

Batch sizes are limited to 25 per batch which I think is most advantageous to students. Faculty are well experienced and do not hesitate to clear your doubts. I've actually stayed back after classes so many times during the course duration, which even the staff welcome such sessions.

Preparing for CAT is only half the work done. The way they help you out in Interview and GD preparation is one thing for which there is no equivalent. 2IIM is one of the places which I will remember forever as it has changed my life so much. I actually would look forward to attend classes and haven't missed a single class, which I hadn't done anywhere else before in my life. I have converted All new IIM's and NITIE in 2012 CAT season. If you are looking to find the best CAT coaching in chennai, 2IIM it is. Look nowhere else.

Rajesh Dhandapani

I completed my UG in the year 2007 and have been giving CAT ever since. Every year some section would play spoil sport and I would plan to rectify it the next time. After CAT 2011, I decided that the next CAT i.e. the one in 2012 would be my last attempt at this exam (with increasing work experience, most of my friends were against me taking CAT again and again). Since, it was going to be my last attempt I wanted to join classroom coaching (essentially to bring in order and consistency in the preparation).

I joined the 1-year classroom coaching program at 2IIM. One main reason I joined 2IIM is the batch size here (many of my friends who joined other coaching centers usually complain about lot of people being put in the same batch). The pep talk given by Baskar sir in the first class set the tone for the course and all the other faculties who took classes were awesome. Special mention to Rajesh sir who could make any problem to look simple.

For someone who is working in an IT company, the class timings (of the weekend program) was well suited and since classes were only on Sunday, I could make use of Saturday for revision and other prep activities.

The mock tests given were too good and most importantly the analysis given as how one should have attended such a paper was excellent. In my opinion, CAT is more a test of one's confidence and consistency than just his skills. After each weekend I could feel my confidence go up after attending the class.

The single biggest reason of me getting calls from IIMs is 2IIM and the people of 2IIM. Joining 2IIM is the only thing I did this year as compared to my failed attempts before. At the end of this CAT season, I managed to convert my calls at IIM Bangalore, NITIE and IIT Madras. I am joining IIM Bangalore and I thank everyone at 2IIM for having helped to achieve this.

Thanks once again !!!

Vivek Muralidharan

I have to first say that I took a wise decision of joining 2IIM for cracking the CAT. Classroom had decent strength such that individual attention was guaranteed given the interest of aspirant. Moreover, it was Bee's (Rajesh Balasubramanian) immense guidance that helped me to resurrect myself from moments of despair.

The course materials are all up to the mark and the test series tests the ability so gradually giving ample scope for analysis and improvement. Above all, any time guidance by Bee is one of the main reasons for me getting an edge in CAT 2012. I got 93 percentile in CAT and now am at BIM- Trichy doing my first year MBA.

Ascent is definitely a place where aspirants can ascend. Also, I am happy to have been continuing my relationship with Ascent till date.

Manisha Bhandari

I took CAT and other exams in December of 2001 and got interview calls from NMIMS, MICA, BIM Trichy, and LIBA Chennai. I got final admissions into MICA, NMIMS and LIBA Chennai. Presently, I am pursuing my PGDBM at NMIMS. At Ascent, I recieved the much required guidance, confidence and the backing I needed to clear these entrance exams.

I remember my every doubt getting clarified from the first to the last minute. With wide discussions on varied topics with the faculty I was able to get through the GD's and interviews with great ease.

Learn some tips from those who have already been there, done things. Learn how Manisha prepared for her B School tests:

How I Cracked CAT? - Manisha Bhatia
My background: B.A. Corporate, Ethiraj College, Chennai. Ist year NMIMS, Mumbai. Planning to specialize in Finance and Marketing. With just five months left before Dec 9, 2001, I started my preparations. There were two things which were absolutely clear in my mind. This is, what I have always wanted to do and that there was to be only one chance in which I could prove myself.

When I started going for the coaching classes, I felt unsure, vague and even terrified. I was low on self confidence. The entire batch as I saw had a few brain boxes (u recognise those types on sight) and a few people who had attempted these exams earlier and finally people like me. On a deeper observation, I found that everyone was scared like me....the serious ones, I mean. That is what gave me the impetus to work harder. That was where I started having an edge over others. I prepared for topics in advance. I approached the profs who used to take classes with my doubts. That was none the easier with me. I am a shy person and takes a lot for me to approach someone. But above all, I took everything that was told in the class seriously.

I prepared the way I was told. I read newspapers, magazines, novels......anything which could enrich my vocabulary and add on to my knowledge of current affairs. Eventually confidence started to build up. It only made me work harder. Honestly, there is no substitute for hard work. And the results started to show. I was sharper and more observant. Those moments of self doubt still persisted. It was then that I started planning for the mock exams I took. I experimented and planned my stratergies which suited me. Of course, I needed lot of guidance which I got from a lot of sources. There were many people who stood behind me and many people tried to discourage me. But I was optimistic, cause I firmly believed in my goals.

I really mixed up with a lot of fellow students and the faculty as well. Their experiences brought a few things in a better perspective. Also, I made a definite list of my strengths and weaknesses. This act of spelling out my strengths and weaknesses on paper really helped me a lot. And I put my heart and soul in improving those weak areas.

I cleared the written tests of MICA, BIM - Trichy, NMIMS and LIBA. During mock GD and interviews, I consulted a lot of people and built a strong plan for myself. This process is one I felt and put me through a series of difficult and some overpowering emotions. But it is the way you deal with them that helps you clear these exams. And of course, singleminded hard work. I got admissions into MICA, LIBA and NMIMS.

I wish all of you success in your pursuit of an MBA.

Jyothi Shankar

I'm a software engineer at HCL Technologies, with a from B.E Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering.

I attended 2IIM's CAT 2012 crash course. Though I was a student of 2IIM for a very short duration, I definitely would attribute my CAT score, especially in the Quant section to the excellent coaching offered by the institute.Having been a student of another coaching center in the past (for Cat'11) I am in a position to know how 2IIM is unique.

Firstly the smaller batch size offers personalised attention by the faculty to each student.

The class handouts - generally a compilation of previous years' CAT questions- are excellent. Each question is discussed in depth in class. Apart from the handouts the regular study material itself is very clear & offers a good explanation of concepts.

The faculty, needless to say, are exceptional. I liked the sessions handled by Mr. Baskar and Mr. Rajesh. Though my batch was a crash course, the pace at which classes proceeded, ensured that everyone grasped the concepts.

I received great support from 2IIM during my GD/PI prep too, with mock GDs, sessions on Interview prep, Current Affairs etc. One of the sessions on Indian Economics gave me enough insight to answer my interview questions though I am from a non-commerce background.

Arun Ganesh Admissions from NITIE, Mumbai & IIM Lucknow's ABM

Mechanical Engineer from SRM Engineering College, Chennai, Software Professional with 2 years experience in a leading Indian IT organization.

I wanted to an MBA from one of the top schools in India and after attending the free math sessions of Ascent Education at LIBA I was convinced that I would prepare for CAT with them. Although I am strong at quant I still lacked the nuances one requires for cracking CAT which was correctly bridged by the quant and DI classes. I learnt shortcuts and tweaks that when applied while solving problems, can maximise attempts & accuracy simultaneously cutting out on time spent per question.

Verbal ability was always my weak section and I was given expert advice about how to go about in handling the questions as everytime this was the section that would throw up surprises. The classes made me more competent in verbal ability and I was able to pick the right questions to sail through the cut-off comfortably.

The quality of the mock-cats were extremely good and I was completely prepared on the D-day for any surprises and the tutoring at the classes helped me in managing my time effectively during the test.

Having got a good CAT score and calls from top B-Schools, now came the most crucial juncture - GD-PI prep. Apart from the usual tips, we gained an extra edge over our fellow competitors in the form of in-depth presentations and sessions on management and economic related topics like the Banking system , Foreign exchange , general economics and the financial budget by the eminent faculty. We were also made to present on certain key topics under the faculty's supervision. I got an exhaustive number of simulated group discussions and case studies in a variety of topics that helped me sail past the actual group discussions. The feedback given to me after each mock interview before each of the actual interviews, I think helped me give well structured answers to the questions put forth by the panel members. And quite a few of them were actually impressed about certain answers I gave.

Finally all this helped me in getting an admit from two of the top ranked business schools in India. Thanks to 2IIM!"

Naveenan Ramachandran Admits: IIMs A,C,L,I

1.The individual attention that Baskar could afford on each student helped me greatly.
There were times, 2 months before CAT, when I thought that I had better prospects in the job I was holding at that point in time. Baskar took the time and energy to knock some clarity in my thinking so that I got back on track. I am sure this was something that I could not have got in the other institutes.

2.After each and every MOCK CAT test, there would be a 2 or 3 hour discussion in which EVERY question in the test was analyzed and solutions / short-cuts were elaborated. This helped me to understand how my peers were approaching the problems. Though this might sound trivial, believe me, it makes a LOT of difference. After all, the case-study method of study in MBA relies on the fact that every person in the class learns from the other's view point.

3.There is another feature which is EXCLUSIVE to Ascent's 2IIM. As part of GD / PI classes, Ascent encourages the students to prepare presentations on their chosen topics and "teach" about the same to the rest of the students. This ensures that all of the students knew something about everything under the sun (well, almost).
I am a direct beneficiary of this exercise. A classmate of mine (Kedar Naik) prepared a presentation on "Telecom industry in India". The following week, in the Indore interview, the panelist asked about 10 questions on mobile telephony - and I was able to get most of them right. It definitely boosted a LOT of confidence in me.

Naveenan - IIM Ahmedabad - Class of 2008


I joined 2iim after doing some online research and I must say that 2iim has laid the foundation for my career.

I wasn't strong in my basics and I felt I might not be able to crack CAT. But the classes at 2iim came with the right amount of basics in every session and the way the faculty taught was remarkable. They taught us the right approach and strategies for various types of questions. I never felt any sort of pressure while taking the classes and the ride was completely enjoyable.

Training for CAT is only 70 percent. The rest 30 percent of their training came after CAT. They provided me with information on good B schools to apply for and helped me with mock interviews. I don't think I could have secured an admission without their mock interview sessions.

I would recommend 2iim to anyone who wants to secure a better career.


I find the course material very well made and I must tell you the word of mouth is going strong here in Mumbai. Thanks to your entire team, I'm here studying at the comfort of my own home.