A CAREER AT 2IIM (Fermat Education)

Working at 2IIM (Fermat Education)

We are always looking for smart people who want to work with us.

  • If you are applying for a teaching role, be ready to do a demo. For all teaching roles, prior experience would be a plus.

  • We do not want the finished article, but we want rigour and enthusiasm.

  • 2IIM is a fantastic place to work with. High quality workers earn wonderfully and go places from 2IIM. However, since we live in the real world, we cannot pay fantasy salaries that the Ed-Tech industry did for a glorious 3-year period. We pay moderately well.

  • We train our employees phenomenally by giving them a grand learning environment. Our digital market folks know why we worry about FB ad spends, our teachers know the proofs of Pythagoras theorem, our YouTube team have freedom to experiment.

Write into us at career@2iim.com. Write a cover letter and make your case. “PFA CV. I am looking for suitable job” will not help you build a career.

Student Counselor

Job Description

We are looking for someone who can engage with the student community, outline the courses we offer, and generally counsel them about career options. The role will involve sending messages, emails, and calls (we do not make any cold calls, but we do make calls to students who have reached out to us). The counselor will have to reach out to all students who have signed up as trial users for our course and explain the online product in detail. Having a flair for guiding Students would be an advantage. Patience is obviously expected from the candidate. The employee needs excellent communication skills.

Send an email to career@2iim.com; Subject starting with: Job-Application-Student-Counselor

Tutor for Quant and LRDI

Job Description

We are looking for someone who can take classes for Quantitative Ability / Logical Reasoning sections of the CAT.


  1. Take classes for both classroom batches and online batches, both on weekdays and weekends
  2. Review the content, transcribe videos into PPT form, check slide packs and clarify doubts to students.

Send an email to career@2iim.com; Subject starting with: Job-Application-Teacher (Quant/LRDI)